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Lenczner Slaght
Toronto, Ontario

We are a firm focused on litigation and advocacy – that is the essence of Lenczner Slaght. We are seasoned trial and appeal lawyers, and we thrive on challenging, high-stakes cases. Widely recognized as Canada’s leading litigation practice, we have successfully represented clients’ interests in some of the most complex, high-profile cases in Canadian legal history. We practice across dozens of legal areas and have specialized knowledge in a broad array of industries. We represent hundreds of clients where it counts – on our feet in all levels of the courts and before every kind of tribunal. It’s that knowledge, reputation, and experience that allows us to bring an unmatched level of excellence to our work. In short, we’re expert litigators.


Our expert litigators are distinguished by their wealth of experience in the courtroom and the boardroom. They have won the respect of judges and fellow counsel at all levels of Canadian courts and are ranked among the best of their peers nationally.

- For 20 consecutive years, Lenczner Slaght has been ranked as the #1 firm in Toronto for Litigation in Lexpert® Magazine’s Bull’s-Eye, a leading legal ranking publication developed through extensive peer review surveys.

- Lenczner Slaght is ranked Band 1 for Litigation in Ontario by world-renowned directory, Chambers Canada, alongside notable full-service, national, and international firms. Our firm is the only boutique ranked nationwide.

- Chambers Canada also ranks Lenczner Slaght in Band 2 for Healthcare, with an equal number of lawyers ranked individually as other full-service, national firms.


Lenczner Slaght is committed to promoting and advancing equity, diversity and inclusion in our workplace and in the legal profession through concrete action – not only because studies show it results in better work product for our clients, but because it produces a more human and connected workplace. Visit our website to read more about our initiatives or read the detailed equity, diversity, and inclusion section at the end of this profile.


We live and breathe our values: work hard, have fun; equity, diversity, and inclusion; positive, positive, positive; teamwork; collegiality, ethics, and integrity; mentorship, training, and education; and firm prosperity. Our values are centered around our commitment to excellence in advocacy. This commitment has helped us develop and maintain our strong firm culture.

When the pandemic hit, our top priority was to ensure that our people were safe and connected. We increased the frequency of our regular firm-wide Town Hall meetings to monthly, held quarterly Town Hall meetings for our Associates and Counsel, and introduced dozens of other virtual programs. We also moved two regular events, Practice Points and Litigation Lunch, to an online format and have seen a significant increase in participation. Hosting these events has allowed us to maintain our deep connections, reduce the stress of isolation, get to know one another on a different level, and maintain our core value of working hard but having fun.


Lenczner Slaght Ignite™ is our best-in-class program that provides training and professional development to our lawyers, students, clerks, and business teams to ensure excellence in everything that we do. We are establishing the “Lenczner Slaght Way” of delivering service to clients, exceeding expectations across all functions.

We have not been recognized as Canada’s leading litigation practice by accident. Harnessing decades of litigation experience from Senior Counsel and Partners at the firm, one of the principle objectives of Lenczner Slaght Ignite™ is to train and transfer knowledge to our Students and Associates, to the benefit of our clients today and in the future.


As a firm devoted exclusively to litigation, we have decades of experience practicing on the Commercial List, a specialized commercial Court of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, where many of Canada's most complex commercial cases are heard. In an effort to provide value to members of the Commercial List community, including the courts, counsel, our clients, and the public, we created, a website that includes existing practice resources, precedents, answers to frequently asked questions, best practices, interviews and blogs, important decisions, and relevant news and events.

In recognition of its user-friendly format and its goal of providing access to the intricacies of this specialized court, in December 2020, was recognized with a Precedent Innovation Award.


We are committed to creating a culture of practicing “evidence-based litigation”. That means that we advocate for and advise clients based not just on our judgment and analysis of applicable case law, but also based on research and empirical data, where it is available. In practice, this approach means three things:

- Harnessing available technology and products that make use of data analytics.
- Remaining constantly engaged with pioneering empirical research on litigation and advocacy.
- Developing our own proprietary datasets and analytics.

We view these tools as important complements to conventional legal analysis that can help us provide more effective advice and advocacy to our clients.

We have several active initiatives on-the-go including our Supreme Court of Canada Leave Project, The Commercial List Project, and The Competition Tribunal Project.


Our Innovation Hive™ is a diverse group of firm members including Senior Counsel, Partners, Associates, Directors, Law Clerks, and Legal Assistants with a mission to identify both problems and solutions faced by the Firm and its clients and continuously improve, change, and deliver value. In identifying challenges, the group helps, with the assistance of internal teams, clients, and vendors, to facilitate the process and planning of generating solutions.
Recently, the focus has shifted to capitalizing on what has been gained while working from home and how members of the firm can continue to foster creativity and work together to develop special interests. There is also active support for and efforts to partner with the Courts to support their digital transformation efforts in this new normal, including:

- Our development of a Virtual Trial Protocol used in the first and second ever virtual trial in the Federal Court. This protocol is now being adopted widely by the bench in Ontario and an example of our motivation to contribute to the justice system and the profession.

- Our involvement on The Advocates' Society's Modern Advocacy Task Force as well as the Ontario Superior Court of Justice working group providing recommendations to the Chief Justice and the Attorney General with respect to expanding virtual hearings and recommending other permanent improvements to the justice system.


We are committed to planning for lawyering of the future through forward-thinking initiatives. This includes embracing the use of technology in and out of the courtroom. Our Digital Default initiative, for example, involves the use of tablets for everyday work, as well as discovery, motions, and hearings. That means choosing digital over paper whenever possible.

We are also early adopters of dozens of tools like Alexsei, Blue J Legal, and NLPatent that speed us up and reduce costs for clients.

Contact Information

Suite 2600
130 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3P5

Primary Contact:
Ms. Natalie Zinman
Director of Legal Recruitment and Development
Suite 2600
130 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, Ontario (ON) M5H 3P5
Phone: 416-865-2887
[email protected]

Secondary Contact:
Ms. Allison Mastervick
Suite 2600
130 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, Ontario (ON) M5H 3P5
Phone: 416-865-4691
[email protected]