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Founded in 1971 as the National Association for Law Placement, NALP — The Association for Legal Career Professionals — is a nonprofit educational association established to meet the needs of all participants in the legal employment process (career planning, recruitment and hiring, and professional development of law students and lawyers) for information, coordination and standards. NALP’s membership includes virtually every ABA-approved law school in the US, Canadian law schools and hundreds of legal employers from both the public and private sectors. NALP is dedicated to continuously improving career counseling and planning, recruitment and retention, and the professional development of law students, lawyers, and its members.

NALP’s Vision:
Driving innovation and collaboration in the legal profession through lifelong education and career development.

NALP’s Mission:
Connecting its members by providing vision, expertise, research, and education; cultivating fair and ethical practices; and advocating for diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

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